Find Vessel Chartering Companies in Singapore According to Your Requirements

One of the most important things in offshore projects is vessel chartering. It is a vital part of the process as it ensures that the cargo of a company is delivered safely keeping the costs considerably. It also equips the charterers to have an insight into the process for making chartering decisions. You must find the best vessel chartering companies in Singapore to ensure the smooth functioning of the cargo transfer.

 What is vessel chartering?

When you turn to the search engines looking for what vessel chartering is, you get many answers. It is a popular activity in the shipping industry. In this, the shipowner hires out the usage of his owned vessel to a private charterer. Let’s simplify the process once again.

The entire world is well aware of cab services like Uber. Whenever you have to go from one place to the other, you have to book an Uber. In the case of shipping, the ship acts as the cab and the passenger is the bulk cargo. The cargo owner might have some potential buyers all around the world but he cannot deliver it on his own. So, what he does is to find a reliable ship owner not far from him who can deliver the cargo to the destination. The cargo owner is not fully aware of which kind of ship would be suitable for the purpose, so he contacts a broker or the charterer. The vessel chartering companies in singapore are well aware of the ship owners and the types of ships that might be suitable for your requirements.

Vessel charterer services

vessel chartering companies in singapore

There are various types of vessel charterer services that you might not be aware of. There are some things that cannot be transported through conventional cargo. Such items are the following:

  • Bulk cargo
  • Individual heavy lifts
  • Full or part vessel cargo
  • Project freight
  • Time-critical and voyage contracts

If you aren’t sure what chartering company to use for transferring the bulk cargo, you need not worry as the help is just here. Halcon Primo Logistics make the logistic process a lot easier for the cargo owner and you should definitely give them a chance. Why do you ask? Below here are some points to make it clear:

  • The Company helps you in consolidating expediting, tracking, and even verifying your order and keeps you informed.
  • It provides you with a dedicated and professional team to perfectly execute without any hurdles in the way.

So, if you are looking for specialized services in the shipping industry, you know which company to choose.


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