Virtual receptionist and air quality control: the return to the office according to Zoom

Everyone will have imagined it differently – and someone will perhaps stay smart working for a long time yet – but upon returning to the office you may be greeted by a receptionist who smiles at you remotely from a screen . It is the Kiosk Mode present on the Rooms for Touch devices , and is one of the solutions designed by Zoom to ensure a gradual return to work in the presence devoted to safety phone answering services.

To avoid touching too many common surfaces , it will also be possible to manage the progress of the meeting directly from your smartphone thanks to the Zoom Rooms Controller app, thus avoiding the use of a shared remote control. In addition, users of Rooms for Touch devices can also manage the desktop of the person who is sharing their presentation, and a future update will allow them to take advantage of voice commands, including those of Alexa.

Even people who work remotely will be able to actively participate in meetings through collaborative “whiteboards” within a Zoom chat. In general, Zoom for Home devices – large touch displays equipped with microphones and cameras announced last summer – allow you to hold or join meetings on Zoom wherever you are, even from home. Reactions and, more importantly, real-time transcripts have recently been implemented.

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While the future of work – and even more so remotely – is still a rough and uncertain terrain, it is likely that, in some fields at least, many companies are planning a gradual full-time return of their employees to offices. A problem, that of returning to safety, which will have to be faced not only by personnel and office managers but also by IT, who will have to guarantee support to workers both in presence and remotely.


Obviously cell phones are essential for individual entrepreneurs. However, your mobile number shouldn’t be your business number. There are numerous reasons to have a landline file for your business , but scalability is often overlooked . If your goal is to GROW, and I guess it is, free your mobile! You need to set up your business from day one with the capabilities to accept many incoming calls. A virtual phone number connected to a virtual office with a virtual receptionist is ideal.

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